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one must always be different." -Coco Chanel
Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hi everybody! 

I'll be posting more about the outfits i wear to school, until my holiday comes again! Bear with me alright? 

I have created a twitter account just for you lovelies! Do follow me on the special account : @georginarachk  

This skirt on me in the two outfits are thrifted~ 

I got it from NEW2U just behind my school! For those who are all over the globe, do check your respective goodwill // thrifted stores! They really do have good stuffs when you really spend time! On the other hand, we're also supporting the campaign // doing good deeds for the community. Some of their items are branded too. You may be able to find items you'd been looking for a very long time // they're not in stores anymore. Do take this chance and head down to your goodwill / thrifted stores! 

{Don't be afraid, be yourself, 
stand out from the crowd. - grachk}

Dressing up like a school girl.
{Inspired by TAIWAN, KOREA & JAPAN 
school uniforms. I really wished the uniforms
here are like that!}

So, enjoy styling fashionistas!

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Chictopia: http://www.chictopia.com/GeorginaRachk
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Instagram: @Lockedeepdown 

With loads of love,


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Rolling in the deep
Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hi guys! 

I'm back with a new post! Alright before i start, i would like to thank all of you guys who visit my blog. I know i just started not long ago, thank you so much for your support! Give me more time, i'll definitely come up with better DIYs for you lovelies out there! Really appreciate all of you! I LOVE YOU GUYS! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

This DIY I did was the very very very first DIY i did. Only managed to find the photos recently!

So, Here we go! 

First you'll need:
1. Fabric Scissors
2. Fabrics {I used scarf liked-material, Men's Shirt}
3. Pilers
4. Jump Rings
5. Hook & Ring for the ends.
6. Wire to secure the strips

Firstly, Cut the fabric into thin strips. Take 3 strips, insert one jump ring and tie it with the wire.

Next, you can do it in neat and tight braids or the loose ones. 

After making the braids, you do the same thing: insert one jump ring and tie it with the wire. Cut off the excess fabrics. 

Finally, add the hook & ring on the respective sides.

You're DONE! 

It's actually pretty simple though it takes some time.

Do drop me an email or leave your comments & questions at my ASK.FM! 

Follow my footsteps on: 
Chictopia: http://www.chictopia.com/GeorginaRachk
Vauntstyle: http://www.vauntstyle.com/view/user/?user=322
Instagram: @Lockedeepdown 

Enjoy fashion lovers!

With love,

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hey Fashionistas! 

I'm blogging about SHOPSOLITARYRIDE today!

I've known this blogshop for awhile and finally got the chance to purchase from them! {I'm just sharing my experience with them! :>}

Denim Panel Outerwear with Hoodie
I've always wanted to get a hoodie for months now.
I found one with my favourite material - DENIM!

Vintage Panel Outerwear/Blazer
I've always loved blazers, love for them - 
can never use any words to describe my obsession.

 What i wore to School.

Simple and comfy!

Have a good week Fashionistas! 

Loads of love,
Georgina Rachel

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Hi there Fashion Lovers! 

It's making your very own inspired 'BAGGU' Bag day! 

First of all, you'll need:
1. A pair of scissors
2. Unwanted tops Plain/printed {Polo t-shirts, t-shirts. Thick & thin materials}
3. Needle & Thread
4. Unwanted Belt {for the handle/strap}
5. Fabric Paint {If you want to make your own patterns/designs.}
6. Prepare all the necessary items for sewing! {In case i forgot to list them down!}

Measure your top to the size you want your bag to be. {In my case i use the bag i got from Cotton On to refer to.}

Then Cut the shape out {For both the inner and outter lining.} and flip to the 'wrong' side of it. *Leave about 5cm at the bottom. Measure the cloth for the base, 10cm of width, or however big you want the base to be.

Sew the 4 cloth together on their 'wrong' sides. Then place the base, and sew it to the rest.

Sew the strap on. {FINALLY}  Put it over you to measure the length you're comfortable with.

And, you're done!

If you're using a whole fabric, Measure the size of the bag together with the base. It'll be in a long rectangle! Sew them together with the inner lining. Finally, your strap!

Here's how the final product looks like!
My brother has a LEVI BAGGU BAG now!

Enjoy what you're doing!

Loads of love,

Georgina Rachel. 

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♥ iloveyou :D

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