"In order to be irreplaceable,
one must always be different." -Coco Chanel
Friday, 29 November 2013

Hi there Fashion Lovers!

I'm here to blog about how to style a blazer// re-wear it on different days.

I was really so excited for 'The Little Black Jacket; CHANEL' exhibition! It was just two days before my assessment day but if it makes you feel better; why not! I went on the first day, was upset that it was so crowded as i thought it would be. Anyway, I really love Chanel // Coco Chanel. So here, i was dressed up in :H&M Suede Blazer {I took it from the Men's section, as i love a longer/oversized blazer}. H&M Black dress. Jeffrey Campbell Metal front shoes. 

The Exhibition is still on now till 1st January 2014. So hurry & get down and view the artworks now! 

"Lost in the world of art" - G

Photo Courtesy of : My boyfr.

As for the next style, i'm dressed up in full black for my presentation day. 
H&M Suede Blazer. New Look Graphic Tank. Uniqlo Skinnies. Jeffrey Campbell Shoes. 

Happy dressing up fashion lovers! <3

With loads of Love,

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hi there Fashionistas! 

My great apology for the hiatus! 

Anyways, i'm back with a style post <3 

What's on me:
White long sleeve button-up top; Bossini
Cream crochet top; Flea
Tights; Cotton On
Socks; New Look
Boots; Dr Martens
Tote; Mastermind Japan
Cap; Boy

As you know, i love layering my clothes. Especially when i can find the opportunity to; depends on the weather here.

Stay tune to this space, as i will be coming up with more diys for christmas! I'm still preparing it for the upcoming posts! Do bear with me!

With loads of love,

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I wanted you
Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hi Fashionistas! 

I'm back with thrift finds that i got today from my church's jumble sale {thrifted clothes & bags & accessories etc}, for the mission trip! I'm really happy/over the moon as though i found Gold. Well, one thing i love about thrift shopping, you will be surprised with what you can find! Gold, i meant, branded goods/new items! 

So, i got these items: 

From Left: New Urban Male Tank Top, Volleyball. Denim Jumper. Black Quilted Leather Bag {Brand New}. Prada Blazer in Burgundy.

I've always wanted to get the tank top from New Urban Male but it's really costly. However, i happened to find it in the pile/mountain of clothes! To be honest, i've been searching for a denim jumper too. So why not! Since you found what you always wanted, why not bring it home! Finder's keepers! The bag, it is still brand new and i got it at a reasonable price. Well, it's for charity too. 

My happiest // best thrift find i got today it's the Blazer. I didn't bother about the brand at first, i was attracted to its colour. Moreover, i really love blazers that i can have a wardrobe of them. When i look inside ... It's by PRADA! I was really happy. A huge 'THANK YOU' to the person who donated this! 

As for thrifted shops, you can really find treasure there. Moreover, it's for the good cause/benefit from it too. Just do not hesitate to head down to any thrift stores and shop! You'll really be surprised!

{I'm really happy about my finds today, therefore i thought i'd have to blog about it. Pardon me if you feel annoyed or something!}


With loads of love,


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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

hi there 

X • B L A C K • X

Suede Dress : New Look {for my prom in 2010}
I wore it in a less formal way, styling it up with my oldie faux leather jacket my brother got me for my birthday when i was in secondary school. 
Anyway that day was just, Faux Leather + Leather + Suede. Full black. 

These photos are taken with my new baby i got recently :B
{Photo courtesy of my beloved}

Enojy styling fashion lovers! ♥ 

Follow my footsteps on: 
Chictopia: http://www.chictopia.com/GeorginaRachk
Vauntstyle: http://www.vauntstyle.com/view/user/?user=322
Instagram: @Lockedeepdown

With loads of love,


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X Camo Camo X
Friday, 1 November 2013

Hi guys!

I'm the kind of person who loves to layer my clothes. Yes, i'll feel weird if i don't.
I mean like a outerwear or something. I guess, i'd need to go shopping soon // find alternatives for clothes. I really do have loads of clothes. :B 

So, for crop tops, sometimes i'd layer it and sometimes just wear it alone. However, recently i just love to style my crops with shirts. Here's how i style my Camo long sleeve crop //  I styled it with my white button down { Bossini }, leather panel shorts { NEW LOOK }, polka dots leggings, neon coloured socks { Rubi }, JC inspired boots { Bugis St }. 

"Even your life is in a mess, don't forget to be yourself, who you are." - G

If you're wondering where's this place, it's my school {NAFA}. Think my school's the only school that we can 'vandalise' legally, hah. 

Anyway, if there's anyone taking their O's this year and considering my school, you can drop me an email// talk to me on ask.fm! Good luck guys!

With tons of love,

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Love is Feeling

hi guys, i'm backkkkkkk!

do you remember that i shared with you guys about the hair fall product i'm using? here's the review of it!

I've been using it for months now and it feels good. Every night after i shower, i'll apply it on my scalp by spraying, massaging my head then head to bed. Every morning my hair feels soft and it also smells good {BONUS}!

however ...

Whenever i forget to spray, either i was too tired to remember // forgot, and when i woke up i still don't remember if i sprayed it .. my hair feels wrong. My hair will feel oily after 12 hours as per normal. then, i remembered i didn't use it.

This product can really help you feel good; soft hair, non-oily hair after long hours, scalp won't be itchy. so what are you waiting for? Go and get the product // similar products to treat yourself// scalp well! {Guys & Girls!!}

Feel love guys!

ohhh, Happy [belated] Halloween!! 

& HAPPY NOVEMBER! May all of you have a great month ahead! <3

With loads of love,


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♥ iloveyou :D

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